Do you want to Join the United Team?

Just follow these steps to become a member:

1. Complete the fill and print application form.
• You can fill out the application fields right on your screen and print the completed application out, or print the blank form out and complete it. Return it to a membership committee representative or for users that have an advanced version of Adobe Acrobat you can also email the completed application to

2. File for a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check.
• This can be done two ways either via the internet thru the PSP PATCH system with a valid credit card, or print out the paper application and mail it to them with a money order.

3. After you receive a completed criminal history back, you need to file for a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance.

• Go to the website and print out the application. You need to enclose a money order for the fee and also a copy of your PSP criminal history with the application.

Once you receive back both of the clearances, forward the originals to the fire department membership committee to be attached to your application. You will be notified with a time and date for your interview with the committee.

If you have any questions, contact for assistance.

We look forward to having you on the UNITED team.


The applications are the same for all five Logan Township Fire Departments.

Feel free to print out our forms and submit them to the department of your choice

Check our links page for contact information for the other departments to submit your application.